'Load Rage' Is Real: Women Share What Makes Them Angry About Their Phones

Photographed by Serena Brown.
It takes 60 seconds for millennials to get annoyed while waiting for phone content to download. This is the finding of new research by smartphone manufacturer, OnePlus. The survey asked 2,000 British people what makes them most irritated when it comes to their phones.
Not surprisingly, buffering was top of the list. The frustration while waiting for something to load has been dubbed ‘load rage’ and apparently it's causing us all to feel burned out and fatigued by the onslaught of our digital lives.
The research shows that millennials are five times more likely to lose their cool due to download speeds, compared to older generations and this can happen over ten times a day.
75 per cent of millennials who took part said poor download speeds and bad internet connectivity was the most frustrating element of their life.
The research also pointed to major technology burnout. Two-fifths of millennials have felt overwhelming symptoms of this, including fatigue, insomnia, and anxiety due to a busy and digitally-focused life.
Over a quarter of 16 – 34-year olds agree that those older than them simply do not understand the pressures they are under when it comes to tech.
Londoners are the most likely to experience load rage – sometimes up to five times a day, while those living in the North East are the most chill when it comes to their phones.
If you feel like you are suffering from digital burnout there are some good tips here to help you be less reliant on your phone or you could sign up for #ScrollFreeSepetmber here or try a little DIY digital decluttering.
Here we asked 5 young women to tell us about what send them over the edge with their phones...

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