3 Jewel-Toned Beauty Looks You’ll Want To Wear Over & Over This Holiday Season

Search “holiday makeup” online, and you'll be hard-pressed to find an image that doesn't showcase a dark red lip, charcoal smoky eye, or fuller-than-ever false lashes. Don't get us wrong, these beauty looks are holiday classics for a reason — but this particular party season, we're ready to try out something new. You've likely seen the trend on your social feeds, and we're calling it right here, right now: Jewel-toned makeup is about to blow up. Think: everything from glistening, ruby-red lips to dazzling sapphire smoky eyes to edgy-yet-accessible amethyst eyeliner.
Ahead of the holiday season, we teamed up with Revlon to bring our jewel-toned makeup dreams to life. Below, Revlon Beauty Expert Sabrina Rinaldi, who helped create these looks, breaks down how to make the potentially intimidating trend more accessible for an everyday look. Give any one of these gemstone-inspired beauty looks a go this season, and don't be surprised if you find yourself feeling like a diamond in the rough.
Coloured eyeliner is having an undeniable renaissance this year, and the best part about the IG-friendly trend is that there's an entry point for every level of beauty enthusiast. (And Revlon’s new So Fierce eyeliner range has a shade option for every mood.) For someone who might be nervous to stray too far from their everyday charcoal eyeliner, this sophisticated amethyst shade is the perfect place to start. Not too dramatic of a departure from your go-to black eye pencil, this rich, amethyst colour adds just the right amount of intrigue to any look.
To create this glam vibe, begin by prepping your skin with a longwear, natural-finish foundation, skipping any contour to keep your complexion feeling fresh. For a cat-eye shape, rim your eyes entirely with Revlon So Fierce Vinyl Liner In Powerful Plum (which, true to its name, has a wet-looking, vinyl-like finish), extending the shape up and outward from the outer corner of each eye. “The whole eye is wrapped, so it has a modern ’60s feel,” says Rinaldi of the liner's look and shape.
To keep it all from feeling too overdone, skip lining your waterlines, which will “make your eyes look bigger, and let them breathe, as opposed to closing them in,” says Rinaldi. Pile on the mascara, as well, to further open up your eyes. Next, add a wash of petal-pink eyeshadow onto your lids, blending out from the crease for a pretty, ethereal effect. To finish, swipe on a beige-pink nude lipstick and a coat of Revlon's new and improved lip gloss for a touch of crystal shine.
Attempting to update a classic red-lip look can often feel like trying to reinvent the wheel. How does one keep such an iconic beauty staple looking — and feeling — fresher than ever? That's why this season, we're making the case for a red-on-red monochromatic look, embracing the holiday-favourite shade full-on by pairing ruby-red lipstick with a cool, burgundy liner. “The red-on-red works here because they’re not identically matching colours, and that’s where you get the interest,” says Rinaldi.
Begin this look by prepping your skin with a hydrating primer and evening out your complexion with a soft-focus foundation. Before applying your burgundy eye pencil, prep lids by dusting on a bit of loose powder so that the pigment doesn't end up rubbing off onto the top of your lids later. Keep the liner close to your lashline and don't wing it too far outward: Since the maroon colour is slightly more unexpected here, if you make the shape more familiar, you'll keep the entire look feeling more wearable, says Rinaldi.
For the ruby-red lipstick, begin by outlining your lips with a matching red lipliner: “It helps give a really clean shape and keeps the lipstick from bleeding,” says Rinaldi. “It also gives you an easy guide to follow.” Then, using the Revlon Matte is Everything by Super Lustrous lipstick in Show Stopper, fill in your lips entirely, directly from the bullet. Keep your brows very soft and natural, and swipe on only a single coat of mascara so as not to hide the cool, burgundy liner. The final look still feels classic but with a modern twist.
Give your eyes a starring role with this striking, sapphire smoky eye that's surprisingly easier to create than it looks. “A jewel-toned eye is always flattering,” says Rinaldi, “and it's not as intimidating as it seems. It’s all about knowing that you’re going for it.”
To begin, apply a lightweight liquid foundation as needed, like Revlon ColorStay Foundation, with a damp makeup sponge. Next, prep lids by “applying your concealer, foundation, or eyeshadow primer,” says Rinaldi, “to give the shadow something to stick to.” Then, with a light hand, map out an initial outline of the graphic eye shape with an eyeliner, to make the oncoming eyeshadow application easier for yourself.
For the sapphire-blue and sparkling-teal smoky eye, grab the Revlon PhotoReady Eye Contour Kit in Eclectic, a palette with five high-impact shades that can be used wet or dry. Rinaldi has a hack for bolder colour payoff: Using a densely packed, flat brush, “you want to stamp the colour onto the lid,” says Rinaldi. “Don’t try to blend right away. Just get the colour there first.” The reason? “Stamping stops the fallout from happening, and it pushes the pigment onto the skin.” Apply the lighter teal shadow at the inner corner and the deeper sapphire-blue shadow at the outer corner to give the look natural dimension, softly blending the two together afterwards with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Finish off with a few coats of mascara and a natural nude lipstick, and get ready to field more than a few compliments all night long.

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