“I Am Religious About My Finsta”: 10 Women On How They Use Their Fake Instagrams

Photographed by Savanna Ruedy.
In days of old, it used to be that you had to ask your friend to check up on your ex's Instagram if you wanted to conduct any kind of reconnaissance on their post-you life. But then the "finsta" (fake Instagram) was born — an anonymous and untraceable way to conduct oneself on the app freely, wherein you could stalk your boyfriend's aunt's sister and post a NSFW mirror selfie all in one sitting.
And it is now an inimitable member of the social media lexicon. These days, it's commonplace to have (at least) two Instagrams — you know, one for show, and the other for the real stuff. Ahead, 10 women break down what they use their finstas for. One even basically calls hers a religion. And now I'm left wondering how many of my friends have secret finstas that I don't know about.

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