Here's Proof You Shouldn't Sleep On Headbands This Season

appearance by Nhumi Threadgill.
Good news: You probably already own this season's latest It accessory — but you'll have to dig through your old high school bins to find it. That's right: The humble headband is making its grand return this summer, and for good reason. The versatile accessory doesn't discriminate on hair length or texture, and it can lean just as prep-school student as it can punky royal princess. Not to mention, it's the perfect low-maintenance look for giving your hair a break from harsh styling. While it's far from rocket science slipping on the head-hugging accessory, there are a few prep steps you can take to really make the most of the look. (Hint: Try washing hair with a sulfate-free Love Beauty & Planet shampoo beforehand for more happily hydrated curls.) Watch our go-to routine and see what we mean, right up top.

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