So, What Exactly IS Double Cleansing?

We will gladly spend as much time as we need putting on makeup in the morning — but how much time do we actually spend taking it off? That's where double cleansing, a Korean method of washing your face, comes in: First, you use an oil-based cleanser to dissolve makeup and SPF, then a water-based cleanser to wash away dirt and sweat. It's like a security blanket to ensure that you’ve washed everythingand we mean everything — off.
On the latest episode of Routine Reversals, lifestyle influencer Mel Hwang swaps skin-care routines with R29 beauty writer Thatiana Diaz to put this popular cleansing method to the test. She even takes it one step further by adding a third step: a St. Ives exfoliating face scrub, which helps to further clean up pores and reveal a smoother, more glowy complexion. Watch how it all goes down in the video, just above.

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