H&M’s New Conscious Collection Will Change The Way You Think About Sustainable Fashion

You may have noticed a certain shift in your mood. The very act of exiting the house no longer causes you physical pain. You're suddenly feeling inclined to attend social functions. Winter is over! You’ve emerged victorious and can once again expose your knees without wondering what exactly you did to inspire Mother Nature’s wrath. And the only proper way to celebrate is to outfit yourself unabashedly for spring.
'Tis the season for colour! Bold patterns! Romantic silhouettes! And that is precisely what you’ll find in H&M's new spring Conscious Collection. We’re talking dramatic puffed sleeves, long floral skirts, and bright, busy blouses, all of which hark back to longer, warmer days.
But beyond merely dressing you for peak floral season, H&M is also doing something for horticulture itself: The brand’s new spring line is geared towards sustainable manufacturing. “This Conscious Collection is a wonderful step towards meeting one of our main goals — to use only 100% recycled or other sustainably sourced materials by 2030," says Isak Roth, global sustainability manager at H&M.
Year-round, shoppers are welcome to stop by any H&M location to drop off unwanted clothes taking up space in their closets, in exchange for a 15% off coupon toward new H&M outfits. And this April, the deal is even sweeter: For every bag of clothing you drop off, you’ll receive two separate coupons. In 2018 alone, the brand collected over 3.4 million pounds of unwanted textiles in the U.S.
But before you run off to unload a sack of old low-rise jeans at your local H&M, check out our favourite looks from the brand’s new spring line, ahead.

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