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3 Women Share The Meaning Behind Their Hair-Care Rituals

Close your eyes and imagine your ideal, most indulgent self-care ritual. Are you pouring a hot bath, vintage Cab at the ready, with those fancy bath salts you picked up in Paris way back when? Perhaps you’re dreaming of a meditative 10-step skin-care regimen you learned on a late-night quarantine IG scroll? Or maybe you’re the less-is-more type who’ll settle for a mystery podcast, aloe face mask, and a gravity blanket? Regardless, self-care is a deeply personal act, and one that isn't restricted to skin-care alone.
One of our favorite forms of self-care is indulging in our hair-care routine — and it seems we’re not alone. We asked three women to divulge their top ways to treat themselves when winter seems never-ending, and hair-care was at the top of their lists. It's unsurprising, considering how those cool, dry months can do a number in terms of breakage, dry hair, and a sensitive scalp. One way to combat said aforementioned winter beauty woes? Dove’s new skin-care-inspired Hair Therapy Collection which smoothes, hydrates, and revives all different hair types and textures. Scroll on to learn how these three women are doing hair-care-meets-self-care this spring.


Minding Her Mindfulness: “Taking care of my hair and cleansing it is such a mindful act in and of itself. I try to focus on doing one sole thing at a time because I lead such a busy life with many different careers. Taking the time to focus on the sensation of each step — like noticing the creaminess of my conditioner as I comb it through — is my way of being present in the moment.”
Change Up: “Women’s bodies continuously evolve, and I’ve noticed some changes since turning 30 last year. For example, my hair and scalp are a lot drier than they used to be. I believe that everything physical is a reflection of something happening internally. Having healthy hair, to me, is a reflection of my own internal health, which is something I’m always striving for.”
Let It Be: “My relationship with my own self-image — especially with my hair — has been strengthened by just letting it be natural, and taking a more low-key approach. I don’t typically do much to my hair because I believe that less is more. That said, I exclusively use quality products that I know will work for me.”
Pro Tip: You know what’s not so fun to deal with? A dry scalp — especially when it’s flaky and itchy. If you’re nodding your head “yes,” try Dove Hair Therapy Dry Scalp Care Moisturizing Shampoo, Conditioner, and Leave-On Scalp Treatment which come with vitamin B3 and help restore scalp's protective moisture barrier and lock in moisture for soft, smooth, and healthy-looking hair.


Back To Her Roots: “My family is from the Philippines, and I always look at my hair as being a reflection of the nature there; I love that it changes with the sun and with the wind. When I look at my hair, I can see my family lineage in it — my hair is my connection to my ancestors. Our elders said that every part of the body is a metaphor: We have strong hair because we’re strong-minded and long hair to lead a long life. I love that.”
Smooth Operator: “To me, self-care is about being compassionate and honest, and recognizing that it will not always feel blissful. I like to comb out my hair every night before bed because it provides a feeling of closure; It’s almost as if I’m smoothing out the tangles of my hair alongside the tangles of the day.”
Caring Is Caring: “Being a teacher of movement — which ranges from meditation to fiery, sweaty cardio classes — I’ll notice that my ends can get very dry. I find that the way I treat my body connects to how I treat my mind and state of being, so I always take the time to care for my hair — especially when it’s feeling dry.”
Pro Tip: Winter hair feeling drier than ever? Try Dove Hair Therapy Hydration Spa Shampoo and Conditioner, which use hyaluronic acid — much like the one found in your favorite moisturizing skin-care products — to create a protective barrier around the hair fiber for the ultimate 24-hour hydration, resulting in smooth, moisturized hair after the first use.


Sing It Out: “Being an opera singer, I use my shower time to get in the zone and have some quiet time before a performance. It’s a great way to warm up my voice because it’s humid and warm for my vocal chords. It’s so key for my job.”
Less Is More: “I have such different hair than my family. My parents don’t know where the red came from because none of my living relatives have red hair except for my sister. Since I have such unique hair, I had to learn how to care for it on my own. Growing up, I used to wash it every day. It wasn’t until I started going to summer camp, with limited access to showers, that I learned that washing less actually helps keep my hair healthier.”
Growth Takes Time: “My hair grows very slowly — the bottom foot of my hair is probably a decade old. It’s like the rings of a tree. I struggle with breakage, especially closer to my ends or areas where I place my hair tie when I pull it up, so I appreciate products that are hydrating and healing.”
Pro Tip: To combat breakage, try Dove Hair Therapy Breakage Remedy Shampoo, Conditioner, and Leave-On Treatment, which features nutrient-lock serum that works together with a powerful combination of ingredients to deeply penetrate the hair cortex and boost strength from root to tip for thicker-looking hair.
*Dove Hair Therapy nourishes at the level of the hair cortex.

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