6 Women Share Their Most Dramatic Group Chat Stories

Photographed by Beth Sacca.
I have a recurring nightmare about a group chat. It goes like this: I am in a group chat with my friends from college. I text someone from said group chat on the side to complain cattily about something from the group chat (perhaps someone's emoji usage or penchant for all caps) — or at least I intend to. But I instead send the snarky text to the group, setting off a chain reaction of cyber drama, the culmination of which results in me being banished from the friend group (and accompanying group chat) forever. And then I wake up and text the group.
If you, like me, are in no fewer than ten group chats — between iMessage, Instagram DM, Messenger, and Whatsapp — and you, like me, are in constant fear of sending the wrong text to the wrong group, you know group chats are a true breeding ground for friend drama. Read on for six true group chat horror stories, and try to heed their warnings.

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