Embrace All The Fall Vibes With These Unique Beauty Looks

Whether it's the foliage slowly turning rich, autumnal colours; the return of a cool, familiar chill in the air; or the intangible feeling of a fresh start ahead, there is a magic about fall that is simply undeniable. And, funnily enough, this seasonal shift always seems to find a way to seep into beauty routines, as well. (The fact that summer's humidity no longer threatens to melt our makeup off doesn't hurt, either.) The start of a new season is as good a reason as any to embrace an entirely new aesthetic, and fall trends — full of deep shades, metallic accents, and matte finishes — never disappoint.
That's why, in partnership with The Beauty Project by Shoppers Drug Mart, we brought to life three stunning, fall-ready makeup looks that are more than worthy of your beauty consideration this season. And, no, we're not talking the overdone red-berry lip or amber smoky eye you've seen done a thousand times before, but rather three totally unique ideas that will have you thinking — and applying your product — well outside the box. From mismatched eyeshadow that spills out into blush to glitter disco lids in swerving geometric shapes, check out the three beauty looks sure to inspire, ahead.
For an autumn-rainbow eyeshadow look unlike any other, get creative with your colour application. "We alternated colours," says makeup artist Tami El Sombati of the mismatched, paint-by-numbers approach: "The blue and gold, the red and orange — they all have the same placement, just switched on each eye." To begin, apply a hunter-green shadow on the upper lid of one eye and on the lower lid of the other, then invert that same placement with a warm, golden shadow. Next, apply a bright-orange shadow spilling out from the outer corner of one eye (so much so that it fades onto your cheeks) and at the inner corner of the other, then invert that same placement with a rust-coloured red. "All four colours melt into each other," El Sombati says of the dreamy, final effect.
You don't have to ask us twice to sport a glittering metallic eye look, and this rounded, silver iteration is no exception. First, outline the initial shape with a slate-grey eyeliner to help guide your coming glitter. Keep the edges soft and round as you encircle the eye — especially at the inner and outer corners — for more of a unique shape than the typical, pointed cat-eye wing. Fill in the outline entirely with the silver opaque Urban Decay Glitter Gel, using a dense lip brush for the most precise application of this trickier texture. (Clean up any rogue glitter with micellar water and a Q-tip or with a clean, dry spoolie, El Sombati advises.) Add a fall-ready flush with a mauve cream blush, and swipe a clear gloss on your lips to add polish without upstaging your disco lids.
Consider this ultraviolet ombré lip 2019's vampy-cool alternative to the red-berry shades of fall seasons past. Give the multidimensional look more depth by applying your lipstick in layers: Start with a charcoal black colour at the outer corners of your lips, slightly blending it in towards the centre with your finger. Next, apply a violet liquid lipstick over top only at the centre and call it a day, or add a third layer in a blue-purple shade, if you feel so bold. The key to achieving a final result that looks — and feels — so expensive? Use all matte formulas (or pat down cream formulas with a tissue for a similar effect) to lend that pillowy, satin-like texture that will speak for itself, no glossy topcoat required. Bonus points, of course, for matching it to your dress.

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