Proof You Could Be Having WAY More Fun With Your Makeup This Fall

As I sift through my makeup bag every morning, I'm faced with the same, daily fork in the road: Do I create the beauty look I wear every day or mix it up and try something new? Nine out of 10 times, I'll grab the neutral-toned eyeshadow palette I've been using since high school, go slightly overboard on the bronzer (sorry, literally all of my white T-shirts), and call it a day. But, fresh off the heels of #HotGirlSummer and, you know, being a beauty editor and all, why not challenge myself to make bigger, bolder choices with my makeup this fall?
To help inspire us all to confidently stray from our auto-pilot, everyday routines, we brought to life three can't-ignore beauty looks that'll bring on the drama, no 20-minute YouTube tutorial required. Makeup artist Tami El Sombati, who helped create said show-stopping looks, also shared her secrets for getting the most out of your everyday beauty tools, from better colour payoff to more high-impact finishing touches. And the best part? You can shop every single one of the products used below on your next Shoppers Drug Mart haul. So, if you, like me, are ready to break free from the banal and get a little more creative this fall, buckle up and scroll on.
Infuse extra cool-girl energy into a typical, ombre-black smoky eye by letting a vibrant, sapphire shadow be the star of the show. To get the most vivid colour payoff possible out of your deep-ocean-blue eyeshadow, first prime lids by filling them in entirely with a creamy kohl pencil in a cyan blue, instead of a typical neutral-toned (or, even, colourless) eyeshadow primer. "If you want the oncoming shadow to really pop, it helps to have a colour base that matches," says El Sombati of this undetectable but essential hack. After blending a black eyeshadow at the outer corners of your eyes for even more dimension, add an iridescent, silver NYX Foil Pigment over top of it all for a final, ethereal effect.
The quickest way to add drama to any old eye look? Utilizing — and having fun with — a mix of different textures. Think: smoky-matte shadows in rich charcoal shades, creamy kohl liners with a satin-like finish, and gritty bits of glitter that create a shiny surface. To achieve the graphic eye look above, first fill your lids entirely with a matte gunmetal shadow, adding opal glitter on top for a light-catching, almost wet-looking effect. Tightline both the upper and lower lashlines with a black eye pencil to create more intense contrast against the whites of your eyes. Using a slick, cushion liner (or a smooth-gliding eye pencil if you want a little more control), paint a floating line extending out from the inner corners of your eyes, above your lids and outwards for that ultra-graphic finishing detail.
Fact: You can customize any lip look simply depending on how you finish it — blotting it down with a tissue for a stained, tinted effect; adding a second shade over top for a bespoke, layered lip colour; or, as here, adding a glitter topcoat at the end for a sparkling, metallic veil. For the fall-ready look above, apply Annabelle VIP Metallic-To-Glitter Liquid Lipstick in a Bordeaux-berry shade directly from the doe-foot applicator, sans any lipliner. "It has crazy colour payoff," El Sombati says of the product, "and when you press your lips together, it gets even more glittery." Grab a glitzy topcoat, like the CoverGirl gloss used here, and apply a thin layer over your lips. Finally, grab your phone and turn on the flash, because this stunner of a lip look certainly isn't going to document itself.

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