16 Black Influencers That You Should Be Following

Photo: Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Girlboss.
In the fashion industry, Black bloggers, content creators, and influencers have long been leading voices in promoting racial justice, diversity, and body-positivity. Now, more than ever, their voices need to be lifted, and their feeds spotlighted.
In addition to donating, protesting, learning, and circulating resources about both the systemic, structural and institutional racism prevalent here in the Canada as well as the police brutality and racism in America, amplifying Black voices is instrumental to change. And it's long overdue.
Ahead, click through our growing list of Black influencers in fashion to follow and support today and every day going forward. For a list of Black fashion designers to support, click here, and for a list of resources to work through in supporting Black people today and always, click here.
To help bring attention to the police killing of George Floyd, you can sign the Change.org petition here, or donate to local organisations like Black Vision Collective or Reclaim the Block via the Minnesota Freedom Fund here.

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