Soothe Stressed-Out Skin With These Rose-Quartz Beauty Products

Whether you swear by jade rolling to reduce early-morning puffiness or swipe on a topaz-infused highlighter to light up your cheekbones, there's no denying that crystals have come for our beauty routines by bringing the good vibes straight to our skin. Now, thanks to Bioré, restorative rose quartz is teaming up with purifying charcoal in a skin-care line that's determined to serve as an ultimate refresh for stressed-out skin.
The brand-new collection includes a gentle daily cleanser, a clay detox mask, a pore-refining scrub, and a foam face wash, all infused with the two hero ingredients. Rose quartz — aka, the "love" stone — is known for promoting self-love and stress relief, and each product lends a fresh, soft rose scent. Combine that with the purifying charcoal — a natural magnet known to trap and draw out impurities — and the brand's cleansing technology, and you've got a seriously effective formula for deep-cleansing skin and channelling some positive energy in the process.
And the good vibes don't stop at the ingredients list, either — no product is over $10. So, up your cleansing game and shop the entire collection, below.

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