Can This Alternative Bank Finally Help You Start Saving?

Does enjoying a guilt-free $7 matcha latte seem like a far-fetched dream? Tired of double-checking your bank balance in the grocery checkout line? Is that student-loan balance not budging, no matter how much you pay into it? If this is you, first of all, you’re not alone. Secondly, it’s time to start making some positive changes to your financial life, which might include switching to an alternative bank to get a more transparent look at your money and restore financial balance.
For some, traditional banking can feel a little intimidating — from the lack of transparency around account and transaction fees to limited digital and mobile-forward products — but for the first time, Canadians have access to viable alternative banking options outside of the Big Five. KOHO is a full-service, no-fee account and Visa card for your everyday spending and saving. Its belief in an open, transparent, and more intuitive approach to money is all focused on helping you live a better life.
Ahead, we’re taking a deeper look at how switching to this reloadable card and integrated app can help you see exactly where your money is going and help you ditch debt, develop positive saving habits, and start reaching your financial goals.
Ready to give KOHO a try? Sign up now with code KOHOREFINERY29 and get double the cash back — that's 1% of what you spend — for the first three months. Talk about making your money go further.

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