Mercury Is In Cancer & Everything Is Finally Going To Calm Down

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After giving us one of the most chaotic retrogrades of the year, followed by a still-pretty-chaotic direct transit through chatty Gemini, Mercury is finally leaving the sign of the twins for its next, less hectic placement. From July 11 to July 27, the Planet of Communication will be hanging out in Cancer, a sign known for being sentimental, intuitive, and caring. And as a result, we're all about to be in our feels this month.
When Mercury is in Cancer, we benefit from taking a subtler approach to the ways in which we communicate. "Instead of relying on the spoken word, it's more intuitive and emotional-based," says Lisa Stardust, the author of Saturn Return Survival Guide and The Astrology Deck. "Cancer is a mute sign, because it belongs to the element of water. Therefore, we can expect to struggle with how to express our sentiments over the next few weeks." But, she notes that if we work on speaking from our hearts, using a truthful perspective, we'll be able to thrive during this transit. 
Although Mercury's stint in Cancer is a bit on the short side, Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for, says we'll be sure to notice its affects. "Cancer is one of the most sensitive placements for Mercury," she explains. "All communicative interactions become a little closed off, and we communicate less because we don't take any information at face value and spend more time thinking about everything at a much deeper level."
Yup, things are about to get serious, which is a big change from when Mercury was in gossipy, extraverted Gemini. Our inner social butterflies will be taking a much-needed break as we wind down and get more in touch with our emotional side. And since Cancer loves all things that have to do with the home and our roots, expect to feel a bit more nostalgic and more drawn to who — and what — makes us feel safe and secure during these next couple of weeks.
Madi Murphy, co-founder of The Cosmic RX and The Cosmic Revolution, says that we'll want to hang out with our loved ones and family members instead of making new friends while Mercury is in Cancer. "Use that extra sensitivity to retreat back from the hustle and bustle and tune into your inner circle," she advises. "Check in on your friends, show them a little extra compassion and see how you can best support them."
We may also find ourselves reminiscing on the days when we were younger, since Cancer loves to look back. "You may feel called to reflect on your childhood to make sense of something you are going through now, or heal and process any emotional wounds," Murphy says, "but also rediscover some of the joys and comforts of your early years." Whip out those old yearbooks and marvel at how far you've come since your high school emo phase.
Fair warning: We know this transit has us all feeling a bit more sensitive, but that also means that we may take things more personally than usual, which could set off our moody sides. "The slightest criticism, snark, or less-than-favourable Instagram comment may make you spiral into a place of self-doubt or beating yourself up," Murphy says. Instead of getting caught up in your emotions, she says to use this transit to practice enforcing healthy boundaries, speaking up when needed, and honouring your feelings. "Take some time to check in with yourself and what you need to self regulate before any knee-jerk reactions," she says.
Mark your calendars for July 25, when Mercury makes a harsh opposition to Pluto. "While some will be digging deeply for answers, this can manifest as obsessive thinking, arguments, and trying to convince others of your position," warns Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at But don't worry, this negative energy should pass within 24 hours, and the last few days of the transit will be smooth sailing from there.
While this isn't the loudest or most outwardly expressive transit, it can be an incredibly fruitful one. Until July 27, we have a great opportunity to foster our close relationships — and while we may need to recognize when we're moving from "thinking deeply" into "just wallowing," we should be able to emerge on the other side of Mercury in Cancer stronger, and more in touch with our inner selves.

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