PANGAIA Launched Activewear & It Comes With An ‘80-Inspired Campaign

Photo: Courtesy of Pangaia.
IRL workouts are back, and PANGAIA is making sure gym-goers have sustainably made activewear for their next pilates class. 
On June 29, the eco-friendly brand behind the celebrity-approved matching sweatsuits is launching a line of gym-appropriate loungewear. “The PANGAIA Gym collection harnesses the latest science and technology,” reads a statement from the PANGAIA collective. This resulted in a collection made from bio-engineered materials and fabrics, such as bio-based nylon and seaweed fibre. An ‘80s-inspired “Let’s Get Physical” campaign, which sees models in leg warmers and headbands working out in a retro infomercial, accompanies the launch. 
Photo: Courtesy of Pangaia.
Photo: Courtesy of Pangaia.
This line includes a hoodie, crop top, sweatpants, jumpsuit, T-shirt, and bike shorts in green, black, pink, grey, lilac, and navy blue. Like other past collections, all items include visible text detailing what fabrics and treatments were used to make each piece. 
For the new line, the brand also incorporated new materials and treatments, designed for activewear needs: Roica V550, a stretch yarn which can be degraded by microorganisms over the course of five years, and PPRMNT™, a biobased durable odour control finish and antimicrobial treatment made from the peppermint plant. This line also uses bioWick, a biocarbon and wicking treatment — aka, what allows the fabric to absorb the sweat off your skin — made from microalgae. 
The direct-to-consumer brand soared in popularity last year thanks to the rise of loungewear amid the pandemic. But as coronavirus restrictions continue to ease, the demand for loungewear has decreased, bringing PANGAIA to expand its business model beyond the quarantined crowd. 
The collection is available for pre-order now and will be available to shop on June 29.

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