Chrissy Teigen Dyed Her Hair Pastel Pink (For Real This Time)

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.
If you're in a bit of a rut, it might be time for a new hair colour. While there's always a case to be made for blonde highlights heading into summer, Chrissy Teigen is putting us on to a better idea, something less expected but undeniably more fun: going cotton-candy pink.
If you follow Teigen on Instagram, you may have already been clued into her latest hair transformation. On Tuesday morning, the cookbook author posted a selfie on her Stories showing her once-blonde roots covered in foils. Just a few hours later, she shared the finished result with another selfie — only this time, with pink hair.
Despite Teigen's affinity for coloured wigs, this doesn't seem to be one. She showed her hair getting bleached and tagged her actual colourist, Tracey Cunningham, in her big reveal, so it stands to reason this new pink colour is a permanent (or at least semi-permanent) change.
As of now, we only have the Instagram Story to go on — though knowing Teigen, we'll probably get a full explanation soon enough. Until then, we're reconsidering tossing the rose-gold hair spray we bought last spring...

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