Hailey Bieber Gave This “Ugly” Footwear Combination Her Stamp Of Approval

Photo: Rachpoot/MEGA/GC Images.
This week, Hailey Bieber and BFF and fellow supermodel Kendall Jenner stepped out for a coffee and a workout in Los Angeles, both wearing their most practical footwear. But it wasn’t sneakers they were donning for the occasion. Rather, both Jenner and Bieber wore their coziest slippers: Jenner in a pair of classic UGG boots; Bieber, taking the winter staple a step further, in cream-coloured shearling slippers with ribbed socks. 
Bieber paired the footwear combo, which some consider "ugly," with a leather-and-shearling coat, brown leggings, and a black face mask. Given that Bieber is more of a Balenciaga sneakers-and-Drew sweatsuit sort of dresser than the leggings-with-slippers type, it's an unlikely ensemble for the model who, earlier this year, wore a straight-from-the-runway Bottega Veneta fur coat on a coffee run. But, sometimes, especially in 2020 and when running an errand, only slippers will do — a fact that many of us with a penchant for the slides-and-socks combo know all too well at this point.
Photo: Rachpoot/MEGA/GC Images.
I, myself, am currently wearing a version of Bieber’s look. Except, instead of fuzzy slippers, I am sporting lightweight clogs — read: gardening shoes — that I purchased from Zara earlier this month. Since they arrived in the mail, I’ve worn them almost every day. When I need to run out for coffee or to my bodega, there’s simply nothing better than slipping on a pair of slippers over socks you’re already wearing. And, as these photographs show, Bieber seems to agree. 
While Birkenstocks and socks have long been a favorite style of many, with people continuing to stay home, traditionally indoor shoes will only continue to get more outdoor treatment — that is, when we have to go outside. 

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