Is Lana Del Rey Engaged? The Unconventional Ring On Her Finger Points To Yes.

Photo: Mat Hayward/Getty Images.
Update: According to Kathryn Money, the SVP of merchandising and retail expansion at Brilliant Earth, Lana Del Rey's engagement ring "appears to be an estimated two-carat, princess-cut center gem set on a wide band." The band falls under the bypass category, which is a Victorian-era style of ring that features overlapping bands. Money adds that the band looks like it features an additional three-to-five carats of diamonds. "Depending on the quality and specific characteristics of the center stone, we estimate the cost of the engagement ring to be between approximately $30,000 and 45,000 [USD]," she says.
This story was originally published on December 15, 2020.
On Monday, during a performance of her new track “Let Me Love You Like A Woman” on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Lana Del Rey fans spotted something glittering on her left ring finger. “Lana is engaged omg,” wrote @soldelreyna on Twitter. Another fan, @okchristy88, went even further: “Did Lana Del Rey get married? She has a ring on that finger on Jimmy Fallon.” And while engagement rumors have been flying since Del Rey was first seen wearing the ring on Halloween, according to People, her fans weren’t entirely wrong. 
On Tuesday, a source confirmed to People that the Paradise singer is engaged to musician Clayton Johnson, who she met on a dating app, according to the publication’s source. Refinery29 reached out to Del Rey for a comment but did not hear back at the time of publishing. The source also claimed that the couple has been engaged for quite a while now. Either way, we can say with certainty that Del Rey is in possession of an unforgettable piece of jewelry.
The ring, which also appeared on Del Rey’s Instagram prior to her appearance on The Tonight Show, as well as in the photo from Halloween, looks to be non-traditional — at least as it pertains to trending engagement rings — with a wrap-around design and at least one large stone. Both the Halloween photo and another from a November Snapchat video would have us believe that it is set on either a white gold or a platinum band. 
Go to 00:56 of her Tonight Show performance to get a closer look at the ring.

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