Snapchat’s New Astrology Features Will Tell You So Much About Your Friends

Photo: Courtesy of Snap Inc.
The stars can tell us a lot about ourselves and the way we walk through the world: An Aries may charge forward, a Virgo may rely on logic, and a Cancer may let their emotions lead the way. Astrology can also offer insights into our relationships, both platonic and romantic. But astrology is more intricate than you might think, and it's far more than just your sun sign. Now, that knowledge is even easier to access thanks to Snapchat's newest astrology features.
Snapchat's Astrological Profiles and Astrological Compatibility are both rolling out on Thursday, November 12. According to data from Snap's annual 2020 Friendship Report, 49% of 30,000 respondents say that being unable to see their friends during the pandemic has made them feel lonelier than ever before. Not only is Snapchat aiming to offer a new interactive way to learn about astrology, but they're also focusing on helping to foster virtual connections between friends.
Photo: Courtesy of Snap Inc.
You can set up your Astrological Profile by heading to your Snap profile and tapping on the purple icon with your sun sign on it. Click it, enter in your birth info (date, time, location), and voilà! Your Astrological Profile will be there for you to explore. Your Astrological Compatibility will also be available to any friends who have also set up the new feature.
Once you click on your friendship profile, you'll be able to see a personalized compatibility reading based on your two birth charts. These relationship traits will be detailed across 10 different planetary dimensions. And, better yet, all of this info is presented in Stories format, meaning it can be easily downloaded to your camera roll or shared with anyone on Snapchat. Try it out now, and see if your friendships were really written in the stars.
Photo: Courtesy of Snap Inc.

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