These Memes Made Us Feel A Little Better About Living In U.S. Election Purgatory

Photographed by Gabby Jones.
For as long as memes have existed, we've used them to cope with all the pressures that come with being alive. There are memes about parenting, working (nearly every profession under the sun is covered), and about surviving all sorts of existential threats. So, of course, with the world collectively holding its breath as the results of the 2020 election continue to roll in, many people are using memes to channel their intense anxiety. Among the most notable and entertaining of the memes being used as emotional support today are those documenting the flip-flopping results in key states like Michigan and Wisconsin.
We've known for a while that we'd likely have to wait to learn exactly who won this critical presidential election, because counting absentee ballots in key swing states like will take time. However, that doesn't mean that waiting on the results that could decide the election isn't getting to us — especially since so far, the numbers are close and changing minute to minute.
Some folks are taking breaks from obsessively refreshing social media and various news websites to make memes that reflect the stress of these ping-ponging polls and sharing them on their feeds to help break up others' constant doomscrolling. Some of the memes are hopeful, highlighting how much better the colour blue looks on Wisconsin and Michigan, while others show how difficult this waiting game is and our hesitance to trust the results coming from battleground states. No matter the vibe of the memes, though, the little bit of lightness they bring is helping us manage our emotions in this moment. That's what memes are good for after all, and here are some of our current favourites:
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The 2020 election so far

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