Hailey Bieber Just Got Two New Tattoos — & They’re Pretty Special

Photo: Broadimage/Shutterstock.
Hailey Bieber is sporting some new ink. While spending the weekend in New York City for Justin Bieber's Saturday Night Live appearance as this week’s musical guest, the model added a couple of teeny-tiny new tattoos to her already extensive collection. 
The first is a small cursive "J" with a glittering star on her left ring finger, no doubt as a symbol for Bieber's relationship with her husband. The tribute comes just two weeks after the couple celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary of their ceremony in South Carolina, People reports. The second tattoo is the word "beleza" — Portuguese for "beauty" — inked in a delicate, looping font across the right side of her neck.
Both pieces were done by tattoo artist Mr. K out of Bang Bang Studio in NYC, who shared them on Instagram. In his post, Mr. K thanked Bieber for trusting him with her new body art. "It was pleasure for your trust on this meaningful piece," he captioned the post of two black-and-white photos showcasing the tattoos.
As of right now, Bieber hasn't publicly shared photos of either of her new tattoos. However, we're fairly certain Mr. K's post is reliable, as the profile shot of the model shows a pigtail braid matching the exact hairstyle Bieber was photographed wearing over the weekend.
A little digging informs us that the model's newest neck tattoo isn't the only one she has written in Portuguese: In 2016, she got a matching tattoo with friend Mari Fonseca that reads "gente," meaning "people" in Spanish and Portuguese. In fact, a lot of Bieber's tattoos have a specific meaning behind them. In addition to her parents' wedding anniversary in Roman numerals (her first tattoo from 2015), she and her cousin both have "Baldwin" inked on the inside of their middle fingers. She also has a number of tattoos expressing her Christian beliefs.
We're well aware that the post-quarantine tattoo itch is nothing if not relatable, and Bieber's simple yet impactful pieces are giving us some great inspiration.

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