Leslie Jones Protested The Lack Of Diversity At The Oscars With Her Vote

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty.
Leslie Jones is speaking out — and taking action — against the lack of diversity at the 2020 Oscars. The actress and comedian shared on Twitter that it didn’t take long to submit her ballot to the Academy, due to the very white slate of nominees
Jones isn’t the only one fed up with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences completely snubbing artists of colour. Of the 20 nominees for acting, only one was Black, Cynthia Erivo, who said that because of this her nomination felt “bittersweet.”Awkwafina was also completely shut out despite a breakthrough performance in The Farewell, reviving the #OscarsSoWhite discussion once again. Additionally, no women were nominated for Best Director, despite it being a record-breaking year for them.
“Welp I just finished voting for the Oscars. It didn’t take long cause there are no Black people on it,” she tweeted. “So I voted for @CynthiaEriVo and abstained from the rest of the voting #moreblackpeopleplease.”
Some took issue with Jones’ decision to vote only for the Black nominees, pointing out she could’ve also supported Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite. Others pointed out that Erivo, nominated for Best Actress, wasn’t the only Black nominee on the ballot. The Oscar-nominated animated short, Hair Love, was also written and directed by a Black artist. 
Jones, who was invited to join the academy in 2017, responded to the latter criticism stating that she did also vote for Hair Love
“Ok geeeez yes I voted for @MatthewACherry tooo didn’t think I needed to say that! The post was obvious! No chill. His film was on before @AngryBirdsMovie #iswearimdonewithyall,” she tweeted.
Whether or not you agree with Jones’ voting method, the Academy and Hollywood still have a lot of work to do in the representation department. 

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