Billie Eilish’s Hair Make-Under Gets A Thumbs Up From Her Fans

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic.
Billie Eilish just posted a photo on Instagram that has her fans wondering if she’s transitioning to a more conservative look. Eilish has become identifiable not only for her music, but also for her signature neon green roots, and her latest photo, captioned “still here” shows the singer with only the tiniest hint of green in her hair. 
Her fans are loving the look, to the tune of 8.5 million likes and counting, commenting, “You’re so effortlessly beautiful” and “Still looking beautiful and badass as ever.”
Did she really cover up her green hair? Maybe.
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still here

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Neon roots are a lot of work and require bleaching the hair close to the head and then applying a bright green gloss. To keep the unique look as it grows out, the longer hair would have to be coloured dark brown over the neon, and the new growth would have to be bleached and glossed again. It’s tough on the hair and Eilish has admitted to burning her hair off at least once.
"Somebody dyed my hair, and they burnt half of it off," Eilish told TMZ . "Now, it looks like a mullet, that shit is not on purpose, though." She also took the opportunity to let fans know that she has zero plans of keeping it: "I'm growing that shit out."
She may have coloured the roots her natural colour – or at least the easier to manage dark brunette – or the photo is just a trick of the light. 
Eilish tagged the photo with Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and photographer Bradley Ogbonna. Based on that and her clothing, it appears the image is from the interview and photoshoot the two musicians did with Rolling Stone in October of 2019. Ogbanna shared some of the photos on his Instagram account, and in some Eilish’s hair appears to be mostly brunette – possibly due to the lighting in the photoshoot.
That said, it seems like Eilish is leaning towards a make-under more and more these days. On December 5, she released the new music video for her song "Xanny," and fans were stunned by how different she looked in the opening frames. In them, the singer ditches her wild two-toned hair for a softer chestnut brown lob
What we do know? We can’t wait to see where Eilish takes her look in the new decade – along with her new music.

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