Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Couldn’t Get A Restaurant Reservation In Canada At Christmas — Here’s Why

Many restaurant owners dream of having a celebrity drop in on their business. While many of those celebrities could simply show up unannounced to grab a bite, members of the royal family need a bit more lead time — along with a whole host of security — making dinner reservations anything but spontaneous. 
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle traded the crowds and ceremonial traditions back in England for a quieter holiday season in Victoria. We know the city boasts breathtaking views, fantastic hikes, and delicious food. It's basically a dream come true for anyone wanting to have a nature- and restaurant-filled dream getaway. However, no vacation is without a setback or two, even for the royal family. 
Just before Christmas, Harry and Meghan’s security detail contacted local restaurateur Bev Koffel, who owns the waterfront restaurant Deep Cove Chalet with her husband, chef Pierre Koffel. The eatery boasts gorgeous sea views and an extensive seafood menu — no wonder the royals were eyeing the spot for a night out. 
The couple’s security requested a reservation, but due to the immense amount of security required, the Koffels were unable to take their reservation, reports the Vancouver Sun. This had nothing to do with the restaurant’s desire to host the royal couple. It all came down to the restaurant’s ability to host not just the royal couple but their entire security detail as well. According to Bev, she still hopes to host the royals in the near future and wishes them well in the meantime. “Let them have their peace and quiet,” she told the Vancouver Sun. “For us to be so lucky to have them in the area, how lucky is that? I wish them all the privacy they can possibly get. They deserve it.”
It might not be too late. Earlier this month, when Buckingham Palace announced that the couple would be spending the festive season in British Columbia, they didn’t specify how long they would be there. It sounds like the couple could be spending more time over there in the future. “As has been reported, their royal highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, are spending private family time in Canada,” a spokesperson told Entertainment Tonight. “The decision to base themselves in Canada reflects the importance of this Commonwealth country to them both.” Perhaps there is still a chance for them to “drop in” (read: plan in great detail ahead of time) before they head back to England. Buckingham Palace, understandably, didn’t say where exactly the royal couple is staying, but Harry has reportedly been spotted hiking around the nearby Horth Hill. 
Given how much time both Harry and Meghan have spent in Canada over the years, there’s a strong chance they will be back in the near future. Maybe then they can finally enjoy dinner at the Deep Cove Chalet.

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