Is Nancy Pelosi’s Impeachment Pin As Cryptic As We Think?

Photo: SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images.
On Wednesday, the House of Representatives voted in favour of two articles of impeachment, making Donald Trump the third impeached president in the history of the United States. And during the proceedings, it would appear that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi may have been trolling Trump with her Mace of the Republic pin, one of the oldest symbols of the American government.
The pin is a smaller version of the ceremonial staff, a bundle of metal rods that represents authority and solidarity, and rests by the speaker’s desk when the House is in session.  Historically, it’s used to restore order in the chamber. The actual staff has been a part of many significant events in U.S. history. But to us, it looks like Pelosi is wearing the nail that she intends to hammer into Trump’s presidency, ending it.
Vox notes, “Worn as a brooch, it delivers the unspoken message that Pelosi is the authoritative figure of the House. It asserts the political power she holds in office as speaker — particularly notable given that just yesterday, Trump accused her and House Democrats in a rambling letter of ‘declaring open war on American Democracy.’”
This isn’t the first time Trump has been shaded with a well-placed brooch and a woman with an agenda. Last summer, Queen Elizabeth II may have been throwing shade at Trump with three different brooches during his state visit to Buckingham Palace in July, including one that she wore to her mother's funeral. And that's not where it stops. The suit she wore with the funeral pin is the same one she wore to Parliament following the Brexit vote, which @SamaruiKnitter, a jewelry blogger who explained the significance of the pieces on Twitter, referred to as Queen Elizabeth II’s “Official Outfit of Don’t Wanna.”
Now, six committees will present evidence to Pelosi as House Speaker to be reviewed by the Judiciary Committee and make the final call on whether or not Trump says in office — and we can’t wait to see what Pelosi wears. 

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