Hilary Duff Just Debuted The Cutest Blunt Bob

Photo: Aaron Poole/Getty Images.
Long hair has always been Hilary Duff's signature. Over the past decade, the actress has played with temporary colour, fluttery curtain bangs, and trendy iterations of the '90s butterfly clips (most recently, pearl pins). But accessories aside, the length of her hair has remained for the most part unchanged since the original Lizzie McGuire aired.
But now, in her real life as a 32-year-old mom of two, Duff just revealed that her supposed "signature" hairstyle is not exactly what we thought — as in, her real hair. We got the newsflash straight from Duff's Instagram, where she debuted an unfamiliar short, above-the-shoulder bob in her most recent IGTV post. Needless to say, the cut caused a real stir among fans in the comments section.
Duff acknowledged that her dirty-blonde bob might be a little jarring for viewers, confirming that the length is shorter than usual (and with no extensions, at that). "I'm just warning you, this might take a little longer than usual because I just chopped my hair off," Duff explained about four minutes into her vlog. "After a big change, like a new hair colour or cut, it always takes a minute to figure out your face again."
It's reassuring to know that even Hilary Duff has to navigate figuring out how to switch up her makeup routine to fit her new haircut. But that's one of the most exciting things about a fresh haircut (even if that just means removing your heavy tape-ins and trimming dead ends): You might just discover a newer, better version of yourself as a result.
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