Your Favourite Memes From 2019 Make The Best Halloween Costumes

Photo: Getty Images.

It may feel like there’s a meme a minute these days, which is finally good news when it comes to Halloween. Your work costume has to be different from your party costume, which is often different from your day-of costume. But don’t worry,  there’s a meme for all of them, thanks to Gen Z and their obsession with TikTokking, VSCO girls, and feral hogs.
Of course, some memes are just a little too weird, even for the spookiest day of the year. Safe to say, if you don’t understand it on your timeline, you won’t be able to put it on your body. However, 2019 has spawned ten concrete memes that span the full spectrum of preparation. If you don’t have time for anything more than a mask, then going as a feral hog is maybe your best bet. However, if you have a couple days handy to put together an entire papier-mâché egg, then boy, is this next slide for you. 
Ahead are the memes of 2019 that make for the best Halloween costumes. 

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