Rihanna Reveals Why She Got This Tattoo Inked Backwards

Photo: Robert Kamau/GC Images.
There’s a lot to love about Robyn Rihanna Fenty. She treats glasses of Malbec as street-style accessories, she single-handedly changed how the beauty industry thinks about inclusivity with her foundation line, and she gave us anthems like "Bitch Better Have My Money." If that weren’t enough, Rihanna is also the owner of one of the most expansive tattoo collections in Hollywood, offering up the kind of ink inspiration Instagram never could.
It’s rare for a celebrity to reveal their entire tattoo collection to the world, but Rihanna has been relatively forthcoming over the years. We may not know the meaning behind every single design, but we do know she has at least one matching tattoo with her best friend (the star behind her ear), one reported tribute to Tupac (“Thug Life” on her knuckles), and one inspirational quote tattoo (“Never a failure, always a lesson”). Rihanna recently revealed to the T Magazine that the latter is written backwards so she can read it in the mirror and be reminded that learning from your mistakes is just another part of life.
Even if Rihanna hasn’t revealed the meaning behind every tattoo, the massive collection of 20+ designs is still worth exploring. Ahead, a guide to RiRi’s most notable designs.

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