Did 13 Reasons Why's Christian Navarro Drop A Spoiler With His Dyed Hair?

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.
While the world knew that 13 Reasons Why would be coming back for a third season, nobody expected that the show would kill off a main character — and give away exactly who in the trailer. The new teaser, which dropped over the weekend, reveals that Bryce Walker is dead. Moreover, the preview hints that he has been murdered since the words "Who Killed Bryce Walker?" appear in the clip. While we (probably) won't know who committed the act until the end of next season, Christian Navarro — who plays Tony Padilla — is dropping hints in a cryptic hair-related Instagram caption.
The actor posted a photo of his blonde hair, which he debuted back in March, with a caption teasing the upcoming season and confirming that season four is coming. "S4 isn’t a secret any longer. But season 3 has a few secrets you’re gonna wanna unravel," he wrote. "August 23rd. Is my hair blonde? Black? Do I have hair? Have I ever had hair? All will be revealed."
Although Navarro mentions season three, it's more likely that the hair change-up is for season four (which will be the last for 13 Reasons Why). Filming for season three actually began last August and ended in early February, according to the casting agency. Since the blonde colour appeared this spring, it could be a hint at his character plot for the final season. Or, it could just be a new look to shake off his character post-filming.
Fans are forming their own plot theories to explain the hair transformation. "Omg Tony kills Bryce and he bleaches his hair blonde to not be recognized," wrote one commenter. While another wrote, "He runs away and disguises himself with a different hair colour... all because he killed Bryce." Could that be the major hint Navarro is dropping?
Whether it's for 13 Reasons Why or not, the blonde dye job is actually super popular among the men of Hollywood, with both Channing Tatum and Zac Efron bleaching their hair this year. Now, it's just a waiting game to see if the blonde appears in season three or is a preview of the season four plot.

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