The Best Glitter Makeup, According To One Of Toronto’s Top Drag Queens

In case you haven’t seen all the rainbows everywhere, we’re here to tell you that it’s PRIDE MONTH PEOPLE! Also, Pose is back on Tuesday and category is we can’t freaking wait. So in honour of those two things we spoke to Toronto-based drag performer Regina Gently about the ultimate Pride glow up: Glitter.
“I love the flashiness of glitter,” says Gently, who just put out a new single and will be performing at legendary indie queer party Vazaleen in Toronto later this month. “It’s showy and it’s an easy thing if you don’t do a lot of makeup you can throw on some glitter and suddenly you’re dramatic.”
Here are some of Gently’s picks (plus a few suggestions of our own) for the best glitter makeup products.

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