This Insta Game Went Viral Among A-Listers — & Now We Know Far Too Much About Them

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Have you ever wondered if celebs watch the same prestige (or lowbrow) television that you do? Thanks to a hilarious viral Instagram meme posted by Whitney Cummings, we know the last TV show watched by stars such as Lisa Kudrow, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jessica Biel — and thanks to the game, those shows take on a very specific significance.
The meme asks players to, uh, name their vagina using the title of the last TV show they watched. Instagram account @commentsbycelebs (which everyone should follow) collected celebrities’ answers to the game, and now we know the names of their vaginas. Paltrow, ever the most surprising person in the room, apparently watched Forensic Files and is not too jazzed about calling her lady parts that. Fair enough! Biel’s is Fleabag. Courteney Cox doesn’t bat an eye at telling us her vagina will henceforth be known as Evil Genius while Friends co-star Kudrow says hers is Anderson Cooper 360. But Brooklyn Decker’s answer takes the cake: True Detective. "Which is factual,” she wrote, making the best vagina joke of 2019.
Even the boys got in on the fun. Noted penis-havers Colin Hanks answered Live In Front of a Studio Audience, and Chris D’Elia apparently last watched Whitney, the TV show starring Cummings that he worked on, which is too meta for comfort. Johnny Knoxville, whose claim to fame includes inflicting pain onto his groin area, gave two answers: Deadwood and Jeopardy. Maybe those are the names of his sausage and meatballs? Deadwood may be an unfortunate name, but at least Knoxville is honest. Check out the meme below.

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