Hold Up — Did Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Get Matching Tattoos?

After watching clips from Travis Scott's 28th birthday party, we've got a severe case of FOMO. Kylie Jenner, who is fresh off of a sold-out KyBrow launch, brought the rapper's Astroworld album to life in a gas station-themed party complete with Travis Scott paper towels (clever), Hennessy Slurpees, Cactus Jack burgers (named for the rapper's record label), and a huge Air Jordan sneaker cake. Celebrity tattoo artist Jon Boy also set up shop at the event.
In a clip from Jenner's Instagram Stories, the reality star sat in Jon Boy's chair for some new ink on the back of her arm. Soon after, Scott was in the chair, getting inked in the same spot.
There aren't any official images of their new ink just yet, but fans are speculating that the couple got coordinating tattoos. This wouldn't be the pair's first matching tattoo. In 2018, they both got a tiny butterfly on their ankles (also done by Jon Boy), which fans believe was a nod to their now 1-year-old daughter, Stormi Webster.
It's definitely a possibility that the duo's new ink is commemorative of their love, their daughter, or their growing family, which Jenner teased in an Instagram tribute to Scott. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait to see the new ink to be sure, but — hey — anything goes when you're at Astroworld, right?

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