What Is Going On With This Lady Gaga & Jeremy Renner Story?

Photo: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock.
Tell me something, boy: What in the world is going on with Lady Gaga and Jeremy Renner?
According to a new report from Us Weekly, the duo are hanging out and while quotes from an "insider" make it unclear if a romance between the two is brewing, Gaga is reportedly also "spending a lot of time" with Renner's daughter, Ava.
So maybe a relationship in the works, or perhaps Ava is just a huge fan of her dad's new bestie – I mean, if my dad were randomly pals with Lady Gaga (feels unlikely but it's never too late dad!) I would for sure ask to tag along.
Refinery29 has reached out to Gaga's camp for comment.
If Gaga and Renner are a thing, it comes not too long after the "Applause" singer ended things with her agent Christian Carino. The two were reportedly planning a wedding, with Gaga debuting a monster of a pink engagement ring last October.
We can't jump on the "Lady Renner" ship too quickly, though. Gaga is reportedly spending time with lots of new pals, including Lisa Vanderpump and husband Ken Todd. On Sunday, she was reportedly seen hanging out at Lisa Vanderpump's West Hollywood restaurants, just as one does when their Bravo-loving friends are in town and are hoping to catch a glimpse of Stassi.
"They were all in great spirits, drinking and dancing," an eyewitness told Us Weekly of Gaga and Vanderpump's hang out. "I got to dance with Gaga and talk to her…She was so sweet, and I told her how I’m pursuing acting, and she told me to never give up and [that] she believes in me. She could not have been sweeter."
That's Gaga: making friends all over L.A.!
Gaga is a longtime fan of Vanderpump Rules, so the friendship with Vanderpump is hardly unexpected. Maybe she's also itching for a role in one of the upcoming Marvel movies, hence her catch-ups with new pal Renner?
In true Gaga fashion, it's all an enigma.

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