14 Oscars Hairstyles That Will Go Down In History

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images.
Despite the fact that the 2021 Oscars production might look different than year's past, the 93rd Academy Awards show will go on this coming Sunday, April 25th on ABC. While we're not sure what that will look like, we can bet on a snub, and a kerfuffle or two, but one thing remains a bright spot in the increasingly-confused Oscars production: celebs showing off stellar beauty looks.
Remembering the best of Hollywood's biggest beauty pageant isn't just pretty to look at — it feeds our hairstyling inspo (and Pinterest boards) for years to come. Remember Michelle Williams' perfect side-swept updo and bangs at the 2006 awards? It looks just as fresh today. Think you can't bring versatility to a buzzcut? Check out Danai Gurira at the 2018 awards. Afraid headbands are best left in the seventh grade? Lupita Nyong'o proves otherwise. We could go on — and we do, ahead, with 14 of the most impactful, timeless, and copied hairstyles in Oscars history.

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