Demi Lovato Gets The Sweetest Tattoo Of Her Late Dog

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic.
There's no forgetting the love of a pet. Demi Lovato is proving just that by paying tribute to her late pup, Buddy, who passed away in a tragic accident back in 2015. The singer took to Instagram Stories to share her new foot tattoo that's a portrait of her late dog with the text "Buddy was here" underneath.
"Thank you @_dr_woo_ for the incredible portrait of my late baby Angel buddy," wrote Lovato, thanking celebrity tattoo artist Brian Woo. "RIP @demisbuddy, I will love you forever and never forget you."
The singer shared the tiny pup with her ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. Lovato received the Pomeranian as a Christmas gift in 2014, and soon after, Buddy got his own social media accounts, where the celebrity parents would share the pup's adventures. Sadly, just months later in July 2015, Buddy died after a coyote reportedly after a got into the backyard, but the cause of death was never confirmed by Lovato.
Lovato has honoured Buddy over the years with tribute posts on Twitter, including a heartwarming photo collage in 2017, which marked the two-year anniversary of his death. Also, this past Christmas, the singer shared snaps of decorations that memorialized her late dog. "Buddy was here," read one ornament — the same words she put on her tattoo.
The singer often turns to tattoos when she wants to send a meaningful message. Last week, she got a new rose tattoo on her finger after celebrating six months of sobriety. And this ink tribute to Buddy is the perfect addition to her collection.

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