The Cutest Couples That Graced The SAG Awards Red Carpet

Think of awards season as a series of lavish, high-stakes proms. Sure, the point of awards shows are to award the year's achievements in television, film, and music. But tallying wins is only part of why we tune in on those Sunday nights scattered throughout winter — we watch for the spectacle, too, from the outfits to the couple debuts.
Before the show begins, celebrities walk the promenade with their plus-ones. For a celebrity couple, a red carpet debut is high school equivalent of taking someone to the dance: It's a official declaration to the world of couple-dom. At this past Golden Globes, Jim Carrey and his girlfriend, co-star Ginger Gonzaga, minted their new love with official status.
Will there be any debuts at the SAGs? Let's see. We'll be tracking the red carpet's cutest couples here.

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