Mad As Hell & Cold As F*ck: The Best Photos From Women's Marches Across Canada

“My Rage Will Keep Me Warm.” That’s my favourite sign from all this weekend’s Women's Marches across Canada. It’s six simple words that seem to sum up the overwhelming sentiment of the crowds.
On this day two years ago, the world had just watched Donald Trump — hand to bible, infamous orange head held high — get sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Even then, we knew he wasn’t just going to be America’s problem. Typing the words “President Donald Trump” still makes my fingers tremble with rage. On this day two years ago, 24 hours after Trump’s inauguration, millions of women took their anger and turned it into the largest single-day protest on U.S. soil and one of the biggest demonstrations the world had ever seen.
Two years later, in temperatures almost as scary as Trump’s policies, thousands of Canadian women and allies descended on the streets of their towns or cities to march once again in solidarity with the U.S., but also to demand equal pay, intersectionality, the protection of reproductive rights, the advancement of the rights of marginalized groups. and policies that align with feminist values.
Despite controversy and -22 C temperatures in certain cities, the Women’s March forged on. Crowds in Toronto rallied against the provincial government’s stance on sex-ed and its recent changes to post-secondary tuition. Vancouver protestors chanted “no consent, no pipeline,” and homemade signs in Calgary called for an end to gender-based violence. The talking points may have varied but the vibe across the country was consistent: mad as hell and cold as f-ck.
Here are some of the most powerful signs and social media posts from Women’s Marches around Canada.

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