If You Like Get Out, Watch These Horror Comedies Next

Watching a horror movie is almost always a visceral experience. When the violins get screechy, and you suspect the killer is about the pounce, your stomach clenches. When the villain pops out unexpectedly, you jump out of your seat. In the same way, a really, really funny comedy can elicit full-body reactions, too. True story: I fell out of my seat watching The Hangover.
Released earlier this year, Get Out married the best of the comedy and horror genres into a powerful, hilarious, terrifying film. Whether you were watching Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) hurtle into the Sunken Place, or laughing along to his banter with his friend, you felt each scene in your gut. Jordan Peele used the vehicle of a genre movie to give a brilliant takedown of race in America.
Granted, Get Out was a landmark pop culture sensation. But if Get Out’s combination of jokes and jump scares left you wanting more, then the films on this list will satisfy your urges. Here are the best horror comedies you should watch if you loved Get Out.
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