I Went 5 Days Without Looking In The Mirror & This Is What Happened

Have you ever thought about how many times a day you see your own reflection? I never asked myself this question until my YouTube audience suggested I try 5 days without looking in a mirror. I'll be honest, I didn't think this challenge would yield any fruitful takeaways: How much could I possibly learn from avoiding mirrors?
Most mornings, I see my reflection while washing my face, brushing my teeth, putting on makeup, doing my hair, and trying on outfits. Throughout the day I see myself many more times in mirrors at work, while looking at my computer screen, vlogging on my camera, and even in reflective buildings and surfaces as I walk down the streets.
This week, I covered up my all of the mirrors in my apartment and actively avoided my reflection everywhere I went. This difficult but rich experience had me feeling all sorts of emotions, from powerful and confident to self-conscious and uncomfortable. The biggest practical challenges were putting in my contact lenses and doing my eye-makeup. Check out my video to watch this 5-day challenge unfold.

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