This iPhone-Only Editor Tried Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip4 For A Month

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Dear iPhone user, have you ever been tempted to switch to the other side? This new phone from Samsung might just be the thing that finally convinces you to adopt the Android way of life. The new Galaxy Z Flip4 came out just a month ago, and I've been taking this puppy out for a test run ever since. I'm no tech expert, but I've been regularly using a cell phone since middle school and carry around my current one everywhere I go (just like you do, I'm sure). I've been an iPhone person my entire life, and this new Flip4 made me actually stop and reconsider my Apple-related decisions. From its sleek design and stylish color offerings to its impressive display and practical camera, this phone is much more than a gimmicky callback to flip phones of eras past. Whether you always keep up-to-date on the latest tech trends or are a relative newbie to the smartphone game, keep scrolling to read my review of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 phone.
The new Galaxy Z Flip4 comes in four colours with three memory storage options: bora purple, graphite, pink gold, and blue with 128 GB, 156 GB, or 512 GB of available space. You can also select models from Samsung's Bespoke line, each boasting 256 GB of storage space, which can be customised to suit your particular style.
Okay, let's get all technical stuff out of the way and dig into how this new model compares to other Flip phones. The Flip4 has a 3,700 milliampere/hour (mAh) battery (a measurement that identifies both the power of the battery and how long the phone will last before its next charge), while the Flip3 and Flip have 3,300 mAh batteries. While the Flip3 only offers up to 256 GB of storage, Samsung added a 512 GB offering in the Flip4 series. The Flip4 has a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor with a CPU of up to 3.2 GHz and 8GB of RAM. The 12-megapixel (MP) rear camera is largely unchanged from previous models (although Samsung added wide, ultra-wide, and 10x digital zoom options), and the front of the phone offers a 10MP camera. The aperture of the camera — the lens opening that controls the amount of light allowed into the camera — is improved as compared to previous models. It has a focal length of 2.4 in the front and 2.2 in the rear, as opposed to the 1.8 offered on previous models. Finally, one of the biggest upgrades you'll get in the Flip4 as compared to previous models is its screen, with a 6.7-inch FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X Infinity Flex display and a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, which means that the display is clearer and runs smoother than prior Flip phones.

Galaxy Z Flip4 Pros & Cons

I'm not going to lie: The flipping is fun. Buuuuut it could definitely be more fun. The flipping motion is slow. I know that's to protect the screen from damage, but I was low-key disappointed. If you were hoping to relive your early '00s memories of dramatically slamming your flip phone shut, you will be disappointed — it's no Razr.

While it's flipped closed, you can see your tiny screen and swipe to access your music, set alarms, see your calendars, and more. You can also customise the background with any picture you want and change the clock's font.

— The display really is impressive, and it looks as high-def as you can imagine. It's probably better than what you're used to if you've only ever had an iPhone. I know I was utterly impressed. The refresh rate — or how frequently the display can pull up new images, like when going from one app to the other — is also insane. Sometimes I think it moves faster than my brain can keep up with, but in a good way.

— You can take photos hands-free by just showing a high-five to the screen, which I like! This is feature is not exclusive to the Flip4, but it's a very fun one that I enjoyed playing around with.

— I also enjoyed how the display changed if you folded the phone into a "sitting down" position, meaning the main display was on the upper screen while the controls were on the bottom one. It reminded me of the Nintendo DS! So fun!

— My main problem with the Android OS is that it's too customisable. I'm sure that if you already have an Android phone, that sounds absolutely absurd. I like control, but not that much. From fonts to changing what specific screen movements mean, it's too much for me, personally. I want my phone to already know the most intuitive way to do things (like how sliding back on an email in Gmail should bring me back to my main mailbox but instead it takes me to the sidebar menu). It's given me some decision paralysis, but if you don't have that problem, then you'll love all the options!

Galaxy Z Flip4 vs. iPhone 13 Pro Max

While it would make more sense to compare the newest Samsung offering to the newest Apple one, I, unfortunately, do not have an iPhone14. So, I compared it to the one I have and use every single day.
— As soon as Apple came out with shortcuts and people were customising their home screens, I was down to do the same. I went through tons of trouble to set my iPhone to exactly the way I wanted it to look. I never realised how easy it was on Android. There's a specific app for themes, and you can download the home screen, lock screens, icons, and more, and set it all up in no time, which I loved. I had so much fun setting it up.

— The Flip4 has better sound than the iPhone13 Pro Max. When you turn up the music on the Flip4, it still sounds crisp and clean, while the iPhone's sound gets muddled at higher volume. The Flip4's speakers are small but mighty.

— While technically the Flip4 video camera looks better, the video moves a little too realistically. I'm not really sure what's causing this — it's not even 60 frames per second [fps], which does make movements too smooth. I much preferred the iPhone camera, which still looked high-def without making me wanna throw up.

Final Thoughts

The Galaxy Z Flip4 is a fun phone that's very pretty to look at. I've been an iPhone person ever since I got my first iPhone in high school, and I've never strayed since then. I've also never been tempted to go to the Android side until the Flip came out. I love the colours (lavender is my top choice!), and I love how it folds! While it's a gimmicky, modern version of the flip phones we all once loved, it works. Maybe it doesn't work to the extent of bringing back exactly the flip-phone joy we had in the '00s, but it's as close as we've gotten in the modern smartphone era. It's an impressive little thing with an incredible display and good speakers.
If you've been an iPhone person your entire life, this is a huge change and one that requires a lot of patience. I definitely do not have any amount of patience. I like my tech to be easy and intuitive from the very start, and I'm too used to the Apple user experience to go through the trouble of trying to recreate it all on Android. However, I would recommend the Flip4 if you prefer a smaller phone and if you want to customise your device to your heart's content, truly making it your own.
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