The Best Scissors & Shavers For Cutting Your Own Hair At Home

With hair salons now closed following government advice surrounding coronavirus, you'd be forgiven for taking your regular trim into your own hands – even if your hairdresser has warned you not to.

Whether you need to snip off some unsightly split ends or take a couple of inches off your full fringe, whatever you do, put the kitchen scissors down. Since we're no closer to knowing when hair salons might be back in business, it pays to invest in some smart DIY hair tools that'll do the job seamlessly and won't fill you with regret.


Ahead, find six top-rated scissors, shavers and clippers that'll make your at-home haircut a lot easier, whatever your style or hair type.

Take a look inside any hairdresser or barber's kit and you'll likely find a pair of Jaguar scissors, arguably the gold standard when it comes to hair cutting. They're sturdy but lightweight and achieve a clean, blunt finish on all hair textures.
Jaguar Prestyle 5.5in Ergo Slice Scissor, $42.99 Buy
Whether you want to tidy up an undercut, cut straight across a full fringe or buzz all over, invest in Wahl clippers. A favourite among barbers, they're easy to use and boast a wide range of attachments, so you can personalise your style.
Wahl Super Taper, $61.99 Buy
BLEACH London's smart kit comes complete with salon quality scissors to provide you with a sharp cut, a handy up-cycled comb for expert precision and a pouch to keep everything in until your next trim.
Bleach London Trim Kit, $25.00 Buy
Thinning scissors take weight or bulk out of hair, almost feathering it slightly. This means they work well on styles like the side fringe, curtain fringe and shaggy, layered haircuts. Start slow, though, as it's possible to go too far.
Dark Stag Straight Thinner Scissors Black & Gold, $40.50 Buy
Hair on the longer side? Opt for scissors which are 5 or 5.5 inches (no higher) for easy cutting. This particular pair slices through hair smoothly and includes a finger rest for precision.

If your hair is all one length, position your scissors vertically and snip upwards as the final step. It'll give you a fresh, blunt look on the ends.
Tondeo Primo Classic Slice 5.5 Inch Scissors, $53.00 Buy
This is a super precise shaver. It's really simple to use thanks to the taper lever, which allows you to adjust how close you want to go, and the 11 included attachments. Plus, it'll look pretty chic in your bathroom.
Remington HC9100 Heritage Hair Clipper, $69.99 Buy
Alongside Jaguar and Tondeo, Gotta scissors are championed by countless hairdressers and barbers, but you don't need years of experience to get the best out of them. They pretty much do the work for you, slicing through all hair types – including thicker, coarse hair – seamlessly.
Gotta 22 Scissors, $35.00 $33.50 Buy
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