Meet The Woman Behind The Hilarious GIF Your Group Chat Needs

Photo: Courtesy of Krystyn Price.
The people behind the scenes typically run the show in the media. And in the age of social media and viral content, those individuals can actually steal the show. Case in point: A few years from now, it’s not likely that people are still going to be excited about that one episode of Complex Media’s online series, Everyday Struggle, where Migos and the host, Joe Budden, come really close to scuffling on the carpet at the 2017 BET Awards. But many will probably still remember Krystyn Price, even if they don’t know her name.
Shortly after the BET Awards ended, Everyday Struggle released video footage of a clearly irritated Budden rushing through an interview with Migos. When co-host DJ Akademiks declares that Migos is one of his favorite groups, Budden drops the mic in disgust and walks off camera. Obviously offended, all three members of Migos — Takeoff, Quavo, and Offset — rise to confront him with reinforcements bringing up the rear.
As interest in the video of the altercation between the men grew, someone — keep reading to find out who — had the brilliant idea to slow the video clip down and zoom in on various people in the frame to capture their reactions. Price was one of those people. Her reaction — one of fascination and genuine curiosity — stood out. A perfect GIF was born, and now Price is the face of nosy neighbors, messy friends, and tea sippers everywhere.
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In most cases, the non-famous subjects of GIFs and memes remain cloaked in relative anonymity. But by a pure stroke of luck, I was able to get the real scoop on how she ended up in the middle — literally — of the drama with one of hip hop’s biggest groups, and exactly what was going through her head.

It turns out that Price works for Complex and was just doing her job (and she has a pretty cool one). Read on to find out when she found out she went viral, and what life has been like since.
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What were you doing at the BET Awards?
"I am a talent booker, so I was on the carpet to book all of the guests for our platform. We had two platforms this year, so we brought our new show Everyday Struggle there with Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks, and Nadeska Alexis. So it was our first time having that show on the carpet instead of just news. [W]e wanted to make sure we did something different for them this year. Instead of just having them stand there and capture, we actually did a show from the carpet."

Well, you certainly did something different…
"We surely did. [laughs] It was my first time being on the other side at the BET Awards. Usually I’m there volunteering, so to be there with my company it was exciting."
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What were actually thinking when you realized that something was going wrong?
"I don’t know if you’ve ever worked an award show, but it’s already chaotic. It’s loud. It’s fast-moving. You have people coming from every angle asking you to get their client onto your platform. I’ve worked Migos’ team before. They’re huge. I love their music. So I’m like ‘Of course we’re going to take Migos on the carpet. Great!’ When they got to the platform, everything seemed to be ok, but I was also getting whoever was next lined up. So I’m listening to the interview but I’m also making sure I’m wrapping… and I was standing in frame and I moved out of frame. That’s why you see me move back in frame, because I heard Joe drop the mic. When he drops the mic and I see them standing, I’m like ‘Oh, they’re done…’ But why is Joe at the back wall...? Why is he rolling up his sleeve…? Oh… Security! [laughs] My brain was just trying to wrap around it. It went from me smiling to the look of confusion."

So you really were trying to figure out what the hell was going on.
"I genuinely was trying to figure out. I was doing my work smile and quickly had to shift. My brain then went into, 'Where is security?,' [and] making, sure everyone was ok. Thank goodness nothing happened and no one was touched, from my understanding. So my immediate thought was ‘I have to call my head of production.’ Because there’s all these different outlets and social media, and I knew this was going to be a headline. Thank goodness we got ahead of it and put the link out and everything was good. It ended up being more light than it was heavy so it worked out."
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Who made the slow-motion video?
"Someone from our LA office did the video. So I’m heading to Palm Springs getting all of these messages like, ‘Did you see this?’. And my uncle calls me and is like, ‘You don’t look like you were left off Bad & Boujee.”’ [laughs] I can’t. And my mom was like, ‘What is this Bad & Boujee?’ [we’re both cracking up]. I cannot."

So when did you see that you had been officially GIF’d?
"It was that Monday. My friend sent me one from right after the frame of me walking in. You see me go, ‘No, no, no!’ and then move right away. Someone added ‘Nope. Bye.’ So I was like ‘that’s me in real life.’ [laughs] But then that slow motion video came out, and that whole week when I was in Palm Springs*, every day it was more and more things. It’s so crazy how much power social media has. I haven’t been active on Twitter as much as I have on other apps like Instagram and Snapchat. And I’m looking at my Twitter followers go up slowly and I’m like, ‘How are they finding me?’. And then they started to say, ‘Oh my god, we found her!’. And some girl said, ‘You are the culture. You are every Black woman…'

And then Sunday** was my first time being out and [recognized]."

*Price's sister works for BET, and their press team takes this trip each year after the awards. I will be forwarding my resume.

**She’s referring to an HBO party we both attended in Brooklyn. I recognized her from across the room and asked her about doing this story, but not before documenting my celebrity spotting on Instagram.
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Are you offended by the GIF?
"No I’m not offended because I’d rather it be this than something negative. At the end of the day it’s labeled under the drama GIF. I know that in real life, I’m not."

But it is very relatable. When the altercation went down, I was literally you. I was reading reply threads, trying to find receipts… investigating honey. When this Blac Chyna/Rob Kardashian drama broke, your face was everywhere because we all wanted the tea.
"Yes, that was my face when he put all that stuff up."

Has anyone actually used the GIF of you in one of your conversations?
"My sister did it the other day. I said something to her, and it was juicy, and she popped in the GIF. People have been writing that ‘You’re used in my group chat all day everyday.’ And it’s cool. I try to respond. I tried to make light of it because in real life I’m not a drama-fed person."
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So, what’s your favorite GIF?
(See image.)
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I know GIFs and memes are often shared without context so what do you want people to know about Krystyn?
"I’m a very down to earth person. I look at myself as your day-to-day Christian Black girl that is trying to sprinkle her Black girl magic in this industry as much as I can. Being at the BET Awards matters, especially being in my field. You don’t see a lot of African-American women, so it’s so important for me to take on positions that are challenging. And I really try to open doors for other people, other women, other young African-Americans. I try to always help other people. If I hear about a job, I love sending other people’s resumes, because people did it for me. That’s the biggest thing I take pride in is helping other people, having a big heart in the process, and staying humble."

One last thing, have you heard from Migos?
"No but I’m like, ‘Now can I book them?!’."

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