You Have To See What This McDonald's Cashier Did For A Little Boy With Autism

Sometimes, breaking the rules pays off. A McDonald's cashier in Indiana bent the rules a bit for a little boy with autism — and made his day.

The boy's mother, Bonnie Kandel, posted their experience to Love What Matters Facebook page.

Kandel's son Leif, who has autism, was obsessed with the Teen Titans toys his friend got from a McDonald's Happy Meal, she wrote in the post. So she and Leif took a trip to McDonald's specifically for one of those toys. The only problem? McDonald's had moved on to Batman toys.

"Leif was devastated," Kandel wrote. "I explained more about Leif and why it was so important to him...that he had been talking about these toys nonstop for weeks."

That's when their cashier, a young girl named TQ, stepped in. She overheard Kandel's explanation and convinced the manager to let her give Leif the toys on display in the old kiosk.

"TQ spent the next 15-20 minutes getting those toys for my son," Kandel wrote. "He was overjoyed and has been playing with them for HOURS!"
Kandel ended her post with a plea that McDonald's recognize amazing people like TQ who go above and beyond for their customers. As she writes, "these simple happy meal toys mean so much! Your effort was an expression of love and made a difference."

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