This Mega-Yacht Is Basically A Sexy Floating Mansion

Photo: Courtesy of Hareide Design Norway.
All the luxury yachts you’ve ever seen featured on any of the Real Housewives seasons look like dinky little canoes compared to this luxurious 108M Mega Yacht concept from Hareide Design Norway. The name "108M" refers to its classic 108M mono hull design. According to the Huffington Post, it's all still just a concept until a potential buyer shows interest. When and if that happens, Hareide Design will work with the buyer to bring the ship to life.

Besides its massive size, what makes this ship so special? On most yachts, passengers simply observe nature from the deck. That’s not the case with this one. The inspiration for the boat's design came from the desire to allow passengers to gain an immersive experience of nature. To achieve this, the yacht features elements like an elevated dining and viewing area, gorgeous gardens, and a 65-foot pool that transitions into the ocean.

This feat of engineering would also come equipped with over 3,000 square feet of solar panels. Of course, the innovative and highly efficient design won't come cheap. According to Lonely Planet, it'll have a price tag of approximately $20 million. Yikes. Better start saving now.
Photo: Courtesy of Hareide Design Norway.
Photo: Courtesy of Hareide Design Norway.

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