The Hottest New Social Media App (& How To Use It)

Photo: Courtesy Peach.
About three weeks ago, a new social network called Peach leapt into the world. Folks started tweeting their usernames and uploading GIFs and sketches to this new app. Forget Snapchat — Peach is now the hottest new thing.

And for good reason: Peach is fun. Peach combines the live feed of Twitter with the image and GIF-sharing ease of Tumblr, while flirting with a few of Facebook’s fundamentals (What's on your mind? Share it!). It’s a lot to digest, but Peach makes the assimilation process fairly easy. In fact, it’s Peach’s user-friendly interface that sets it apart from its competitors — along with how it inspires you to share your real self, instead of some filtered and perfected version.

But like all new social apps, it suffers from a few issues. What are we supposed to glean from using this app that we can't from Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, and other social networks? Are my friends on it — wait, how do I even find my friends on it?

We can’t say how ripe this Peach will be in a few months, but if you’re down to give it a taste, we’ll help you get started. Ahead, the ins and outs of one of 2016’s most intriguing new apps.

Read on for more.

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