Adderall's Fastest-Growing Demographic? It's Not Stressed Out College Kids...

When we think of Adderall, we generally go straight to over-medicated children or struggling, swamped college kids. When used legally and prescribed by a licensed doctor, it's a sometimes helpful aid. When used sans prescription, it's an emergency study aid, or so we thought. But apparently, the drug's fastest-growing demographic is actually women from 18 well into their 30s.
Life doesn't get any less stressful after your last final is over; in fact, post-college life can make those exam weeks look like easy street. But we'd think busy women would be more in need of something to calm down than an extra reason to speed up, as most of us are already living a mile a minute! But, apparently, "brain booster" drugs are helping a solid chunk of ladies cope with the never-ending cycle of work, social life, errands, housekeeping, relationships, children, you name it.
According to The Daily Mail, women ages 25-34 are the most stressed group in Britain, and we're guessing the same applies stateside. And while many of these women are using familiar names like Adderall and Ritalin, others are experimenting with something commonly called "nootropics" — not always stimulants, per se, but with a similar result and supposedly fewer side effects. The supposed memory-boosters, often purchased online, are still new and fairly experimental. Though users report positive effects, there are obviously downsides, like nightmares or insomnia. Our advice? Yes, a little extra help is necessary in some cases. But it shouldn't be a first instinct, and it should always come with a doctor's advice. Instead of trying to force yourself to adjust to higher and higher demands, try and adjust life's demands in whatever ways you can, before you have to resort to prescriptions or other not-so-natural enhancements. Health has to come first! (The Daily Mail)
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Image via The Daily Mail.