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An Italian Grandma Taught Me Her Secret For Perfect Pasta — Here's The Recipe

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i Trulli was definitely chef Dora's territory. She's been making the restaurant's pasta from scratch for as long as the family can remember — a technique she learned, of course, from her ancestors back in Italy. That day, the menu focused on "orecchiette," small orb-like noodles whose name translates to "little ears" (I know, it's kind of adorable). And while they may look simple, these orecchiette actually required some extremely fancy knife- and wrist-work. As you can see, I wasn't exactly a natural at the beginning, but, with Dora's guidance, we whipped up a pasta feast that my friends literally devoured.
Catch the video above to see my whole adventure trying my hand as a pasta apprentice, along with the recipe for this gorgeous (and undeniably tasty) dish. Even without Dora, we're betting you're up to the challenge.

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Il Trulli NYC Italian Restaurant Pasta Lucie Fink VideoReleased on August 14, 2017