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Why My Daily Starbucks Order Will Never Look The Same To Me Again

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I love coffee. Seriously. Have you seen my 5 Days Without Coffee video? It was a disaster. So when Cafe Britt Gourmet Coffee invited me to spend a day as a coffee roaster in Costa Rica, how could I say no?
For more than 30 years, Britt has been roasting small batch, premium coffee beans at its factory in Heredia, Costa Rica.
With help from the Britt staff, I learned how coffee goes from the farm to your cup. We picked seeds from the nursery (wait until you see what my outfit looked like), roasted the beans, went through numerous rounds of coffee cupping to taste the flavors, and then made the perfect three-layer cappuccino.
I had a couple spills along the way and my perfect three-layer cappuccino wasn't quite perfect, but it came pretty darn close!

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How To Roast Coffee Beans Lucie Fink In Costa RicaReleased on April 14, 2017