5 Things To Know This AM — Aug 08 2012

Big-name style blogger Elin Kling was named Victoria's Secret's "Sexiest Cyber Model," but there's so much more to the Swedish bombshell than her good looks and killer closet. She has entrepreneurial and design skills, to boot...and a secret chicken trick. Seriously. (Telegraph)
Barbies are for girls and G.I. Joe is for boys, right? That might be what you're told at most toy shops, but Harrods is fighting for gender neutrality with its new theme-based Toy Kingdom, where tots shop based on "play value," not gender. (Mommyish)
Admit it: You had one of those Abercrombie (or Hollister) sweatshirts that were as soft as a cloud. Lucky Mag journo John Jannuzzi penned an ode to the sweatshirts that we maybe still wear on lazy Sundays. (Four Pins)
Fictional TV characters may be the brainchildren of Hollywood masterminds and very obviously not real, but that doesn't prevent us from gluing our eyes to the television each time Carrie Bradshaw's walk-in or Clarissa Darling's wacky shelves flash up on the screen. (Yahoo! Shine)
Is Condé Nast losing its luster? The once-gourmet cafeteria of 4 Times Square is allegedly looking a little dingy, and, what's worse, apparently there's been a "loss of...swagger." Say it ain't so! (Fashionologie)
Photo: Via Telegraph

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