Alleviate Your Period Pain With These Surprisingly Sexy Solutions

If you're like me (or the large percent of people who suffer from menstrual pain), the week your period arrives is pretty damn miserable. Every waking — and often sleeping — moment is filled with shooting pain (back, front, side, head, boobs -- no body part is safe from the wrath of my shedding uterus!). So when my gynecologist suggested orgasming as a way to alleviate my pain, I was skeptical. At its worst, I can barely tolerate lying perfectly still with a hot pad draped across my waist. I didn't understand how she expected my body, with its aches (and accompanying river of blood), to be touched, much less become aroused. But she insisted that I at least try. So, I gave it a whirl. I tried out multiple period pain solutions to help lift my period-week libido, relax my tense muscles and infuse my body with some good old-fashioned manual pleasure.
By the end of my trials, I was surprised by how sexy I felt just by getting more in tune with my body, and also how it made orgasming easier. Unsurprisingly, my gyno was right. Orgasming is the ultimate period pain-killer, and I will go forth and spread her good word. Below, check out my favorite (and sexiest) ways to help lessen your period pain and get that orgasmic release.
I know my period is about to arrive because of my back pain. It's often so painful that I can't even sit up, and the knots in my lower back and hips protrude like swollen baseballs. Getting an at-home massage hadn't even occurred to me until I found this easy-to-use massage candle from Maude. Available in two musky scents (and unscented for anyone particularly sensitive to scents that time of the month), the candle melts quickly into a soft, warm oil that soaks into your skin, helping tame even my baseball-sized knots. Note: This does require a friend or partner to massage you, so if your period makes you feel super single, it's okay to just skip over this one.
If you're looking to combat period pain by yourself, these myofascial release balls are a must-buy. These small (but effective) exercise balls are dense enough to activate your muscle's trigger points, making them release and relax, just by lying on top of them. Though not sexy at first glance, my partner can attest that the noises I make while rolling on these things are truly obscene.
Nothing makes having a period worse than realizing you have to wear a pair of underwear that cinches and tightens right around the most painful part of your body. Luckily, these high-waist period panties from Thinx are so comfortable you barely feel like you're wearing anything (which is essential during your period). Plus, the sheer side panels are pretty sexy and they can hold up to four tampons worth of blood. I bought a week's supply.
New to CBD? Here's what you need to know: It helps relax muscles and ease tension, therefore helping manage pain naturally and gently. According to Foria's website, these bath salts help enhance tissue oxygenation and soothe discomfort by increasing circulation, which... also helps you orgasm.
I soon learned that when you orgasm, your body releases a wave of hormones — namely, dopamine and serotonin — that can be just as effective at pain-killing as a dose of Midol. But if you, like me, need some extra help getting there, don't worry. This clitoral vibrator from Better Love is already a favorite of R29 readers. The handheld vibrator uses proprietary technology to mimic the feeling of human touch (without needing anyone else). Plus, if getting messy is a concern, it is also 100% waterproof and shower- and bath-friendly, so you can orgasm without worrying about clean-up.
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